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    With a powerful platform and support from dedicated options and futures specialists, optionsXpress empowers you to explore new trade ideas, test strategies and execute your trades—even the most advanced—with confidence and ease.

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    Idea Hub®:

    Whatever your sentiment, Idea Hub quickly generates new options and futures trade ideas based on volatility, earnings and income strategies. Putting you closer to your next big idea with just one click.

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    All-In-One Trade Ticket®:

    All-In-One Trade Ticket makes it easy to place advanced stock, options and futures orders all in one place.

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    Virtual Trade:

    Go for a trading test drive. With Virtual Trade, you can practice trading stocks, options and futures with a free $25,000 virtual account. Plus, access to optionsXpress account screens, trading tools and resources helps you gain experience before putting any money on the line.

  • Efficient. Easy to use. Experience optionsXpress.

    Walk Limit®:

    The days of manually modifying spread orders are over. Walk Limit will automatically update your order and try to get you the most favorable price.

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